Dr. Morgan Walter
(Wenzhou Ourvis European Zonal Co-ordinator)
-2010 Consumer e-mail awards Program-
TEL - +44-701-113-5716
Email -

**********YOUR PAYMENT HAS BEEN APPROVED********************


Compliments of the day to you. Let me start by informing you that after due process and scrutiny on your supplied data, Management has marked you qualified,approved and legally bona-fide to receive your prizes. Your ID, and other details supplied has been closely monitored and we believe you are a legitimate law abiding citizen of your country who will use this prize to promote your standard of living to a better level.
Without wasting much of your time i like to give you a detailed outline of our work.

1. Transfer of cash prize totaling $485,000 will commence immediately since you have specified that you are not able to travel to me us in person, then you will need to use e-banking system to securely wire your funds from the UK to your country.

2. After receiving the cash prize in your $485,000(un-deducted) you should notify us because we will contact your bank to give us the actual report which will serve as a final confirmation that the whole funds was wired to you safely as documented. This further implies that no section of the $485,000 can be diverted,withdrawn or deducted until it finally reaches your bank account in destination country.

3. After clearing the above two steps, we will commence with shipment of your vehicle(Range rover sport) to you. I will send you the full specifications later. All six winners in this year's promotion were all given a range rover. But the colours and options are quite different and it will be a matter of First-come-first-serve. Immediately you complete your $485,000 transfer, we will send you full documentations on the cars. Thereby you will have the opportunity to choose the one you prefer.

4. This last step is optional but we will heartedly appreciate it. After receipt of both prizes, you can snap pictures of you and your family/friends celebrating the event.These pictures will be added to our website to show the world the type of smiles we put in people's faces.


To receive your cash prize of $485,000. You will need to setup an offshore bank account. To do this you should contact Clydesdale Groups Plc with the details below. You should not forget to make reference of the deposit code as shown below. With it they should be able to get you an offshore account to facilitate the fund transfer.

Company Name : Clydesdale Groups Plc
Office Addr : 30 St Vincent Place,Glasgow, G1 2HL
United Kingdom.
Call line : +44. 703-592-3481
Email : (Accounts Department - )
Email : (Manager- Mr. Glen Johnson)
Website : (You cannot access it yet until they give you access)
Deposit code : 501010010105011005510010015

Simply send an email to any of the above and request for a new offshore bank account. You must include the deposit code above. It must be accurate or else you might not get a response. The code contains your funds of $485,000. They should be able to instruct you on how to make use of the code.

The email must NEVER be shared with anyone. We will not be held liable for carelessness on your part of keeping these details private.

Alright , I believe this is enough information to get you started. Do not forget to always update me with the status of your transaction. This should enable me give daily updates to my company superiors and ceo.

Dr. Morgan Walter.